Presentations & Participations

March 29, 2011
Project and exhibition presentation at Hungarian University of Fine Arts spring school, Tihany, Hungary

Dec 9, 2010
Book launch at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dec 6, 2010
Presentation of the project and publications with Jaan Evart at Dutch Art Institute, Arhnem, the Netherlands

Dec 3, 2010
Book launch and a screening of videos by Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Nov 11, 2010
Project and exhibition presentation at California College of Art, San Francisco, California

Jun 15, 2010
Project and exhibition presentation at Ex-Territory project, Tel Aviv/Larnaca, Israel/Cyprus

May 24, 2010
Project presentation at Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova

Nov 12, 2009
Project presentation at Goldex-Poldex, Krakow, Poland

Jul 9, 2009
Stress, Panic, Horror and Depression. Curating in Ultra-Nationalist Jungle at Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland

May 22, 2009
Project presentation at Ernest Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Nov 28–29, 2008
Project presentation in 5. MSE Meeting "Network Practice" at Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyne University, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

Apr 10, 2008
Project presentation at wg/3zi/k/bar, Düsseldorf, Germany

March 31, 2008
Book launch at Chlodna 25, Warsaw, Poland

Dec 21–23, 2007
Participation at the international seminar Schengen Borders: Outside, Inside and Beyond organised by Politichni laboratorij, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nov 9–Dec 6, 2007
Participation in the international Caucus held in Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, as part of the project Be[com]ing Dutch in the Age of Global Democracy (see

Nov 22, 2007
Project presentation at Agentur: in transit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Nov 7, 2007
Project presentation at De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands