Public Preparation is an international platform for knowledge-production and network-based communication. First and foremost, it is a space for self-education focusing on current practices of critical thinking and production in the field of contemporary art. The practice of Public Preparation is mainly based on creating situations for experience, reflection, and discussion, in various formats. The project is a method for recognising, discussing and establishing, intellectual and professional connections. In that sense, it is a collective exercise in order to prepare for the upcoming future – a continuous preparation process that can never be complete but is always ready to take action.

The main agenda of Public Preparation is to concentrate on questions linked to the concept of artist as citizen. It sees the artist as an intellectual participating actively in public life. Contemporary art is a crucial part of the public realm, exhibition venues are spaces for open discussion, and artists have the power and responsibility to be actively engaged in the process of examining, imagining and changing our communal social reality. The current agenda of Public Preparation activities is to deal critically with the growing tendencies of nationalism in contemporary Europe.

Public Preparation started in February 2007 as a sequence of informal encounters, which, at the same time, constituted a publicly visible preparation process for the Biennale of Young Artists (October 2007, Tallinn), as well as a procedure for preparing and educating the public about the Biennale. After that exhibition was over, Public Preparation continued as an independent collaborative project undertaken variously between Rael Artel and contemporary art professionals and cultural institutions. The current course of Public Preparation consists of four steps and is producing the contextual framework for the international exhibition project Let's talk about nationalism! Between Ideology and Identity, opening in January 2010 in Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn.

Public Preparation team

Main organiser:
Rael Artel is an independent curator based in the forests of Estonia. She graduated from the Institute of Art History at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2003, and participated in the Curatorial Training Programme in De Appel, Amsterdam (2004/05). Since 2000, she has contributed to a number of magazines in Estonia and elsewhere, and curated shows in Estonia as well as in Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, New York, and Warsaw. In 2004–2008 she ran and moderated her project space Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space. In 2007 she initiated Public
, a platform for knowledge-production and network-based communication, which since the beginning of 2008 has focused on issues of nationalism and contemporary art in Europe in the format of international meetings, exhibitions and publications. Since 2010 she works as an artistic director of Festival of Contemporary Art ART IST KUKU NU UT.

Collaborators 2007–2010:
Charles Esche & Annie Fletcher, Be[com]ing Dutch, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Virginija Januškeviciute, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius; Maria-Kristiina Soomre, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn; Airi Triisberg, Tallinn; Dovile Tumpyte, Contemporary Art Information Center in the Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius; Magdalena Ziólkowska, Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz.

Visual identity of Public Preparation project is created by Jaan Evart.